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The Hebrew House Crew

Hebrew House Cafe was formed after my newly-wedded husband and I were divinely guided into a conversation discussing our interests for diets promoting health and wellness (All praises to God)! We had both met at the peak of the pandemic season in 2020, so staying healthy was at the forefront of our minds since we both desired to grow our family in a clean, disease-free environment (yes, our bodies included)… Yet we were not afraid of the challenge, for we believed by faith that " plague shall come neigh thy dwelling" (Psalms 91:10). That is, of course, if we reinforce the correct health foods into our bodies daily (the "works")!
Following the completion of my undergraduate of the UArizona College of Medicine (and 2 to 3 medical office jobs later), I sought to explore the naturopathic field of medicine to lend a helping hand to HOLISTICALLY cure people from their illnesses (which were sometimes exasperated by modern pharmaceutical drugs). My husband spoke highly of his turmeric-ginger tea regiment which kept him purged of mucousal issues and disease in his body while working his essential jobs throughout the early stages of the pandemic. When I tried the tea, I thoroughly enjoyed the taste, but felt spirit-led to add an additional ingredient to the mix--black pepper--for better absorption of the turmeric root. After brewing and tasting the new batch, we knew we were onto a blessed product! Our friends and family that sampled immediately raved about how it made them feel. The spiced tea, going down the pipe to the stomach, feels so energizing and refreshing. Add a splash of milk and hint of honey, and hot or cold it's one of the most revitalizing teas you'll ever drink in the morning time [arguably better than the average cup of joe!].
The name of the business is inspired by The Most High God of The Hebrews, who blessed my husband with his Arizona desert dwelling "Hebrew House" prior to our meeting. A sanctified, blessed place where our first prayers together were answered and our union was strengthened/blessed by God. While six months pregnant, my husband managed his primary business and I challenged myself to start the tea business from paper ideas into an online business (though we still have a long way to G[R]O[W])!

About Us: About Us
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